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My Illustrious Acting Career, Spring 2012 Edition

I played Big Daddy Pollitt in the Needham Community Theater production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I went quite nicely, good crowd, and a good time was had by all.

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Titus Andronicus – Shakespeare – A Tale of Two Movies

I have been working on an audition monologue from Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus and, at the very worthwhile suggestion of my audition coach Bobbie Steinbach I watched the Julie Taymor movie version and the BBC movie version. There’s are big differences, … Continue reading

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Cabiria – Pastrone (1914)

Cabiria is an awe-inspiring film. I don’t think it would be remade today without extensive use of CGI effects, and I don’t think it would be remade. The grand historical epic is not something that the movie-going public seems to … Continue reading

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Great Movies Journey: Cabiria – Maciste in Chains

Had to post this wonderfully-composed shot from Pastrone’s Cabiria. My reactions to the film as a whole after I finish watching it.

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Great Movie Journey: The Great Dictator – Chaplin

Chaplin’s first talkie – and his biggest grossing film – made quite an impression at the time. Not only was Chaplin ahead of the curve in terms of sizing up Hitler and Mussolini, but he left The Tramp behind forever … Continue reading

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Quickie game review: Skyrim

Skyrim is another installment in the Elder Scrolls series. It attempts to incorporate a more structured story-line on top of the basic Morrowind/Oblivion system (tweaked a bit). It is fun, but suffers from the same major flaw that both Morrowind … Continue reading

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Great Movies Journey: After Hours – Scorsese

I put off viewing this film because it is a Scorsese movie. I felt I had to be in the right mental frame of mind. I had to don my emotional armor and double-check for chinks between the joints. Then … Continue reading

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Boston Baroque – Messiah Full Monty

Boston Baroque puts on a good Messiah: historically informed ensemble and toboggan-on-ice tempos. The soloists this year were a bit hit-and-not-such-a-hit. From the fifth row of the balcony in Jordan Hall, the soloists were hard to hear, especially later in … Continue reading

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My Singing Career – Fall 2011 edition

I sang in Longwood Opera’s La Boheme. It was fun. New and interesting experiences were had. Nice job by Scotty, Maestro Brody, the singers, and the rest of the crew that made it happen. Highlight: Sol Kim Bently’s Mimi. The … Continue reading

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Quick Game Reviews: Psychonauts, Dead Island, To the Moon

Psychonauts – a Good Old Game, it is a fun action/adventure game that only bogs down near the end when the irritating platform-jumping sections get irritatingly hard. 4 of 5. Dead Island – a 3D first-person kill-endless-zombies game that starts … Continue reading

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