Quick Game Reviews: Psychonauts, Dead Island, To the Moon

Psychonauts – a Good Old Game, it is a fun action/adventure game that only bogs down near the end when the irritating platform-jumping sections get irritatingly hard. 4 of 5.

Dead Island – a 3D first-person kill-endless-zombies game that starts out a bit creepy, then devolves into repetitive zombie stomping. The behavior of the zombies is just way too predictable. You do get to stomp a lot of zombies, however. 3.5 of 5.

To the Moon – it isn’t really a game, move like an animated graphic novel. It is unique in that it is a game-like entertainment that deals with death, disease, and loneliness in a way that is both touching and amusing. However, it avoids sappiness by over-dosing on stupid jokes and mini-games. Also, if you think about the actions of the “good guys” in the game a bit you realize that their sense of ethics is deeply wrong. So, hard to really rate this one – a big plus 4.5 but a big minus 1.5, I guess. 3 of 5.

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