Great Movies Journey: After Hours – Scorsese

I put off viewing this film because it is a Scorsese movie. I felt I had to be in the right mental frame of mind. I had to don my emotional armor and double-check for chinks between the joints. Then I had to strap myself in a chair, have someone tie my hands behind my back (so I can’t turn it off) and then press the “play” button.

Oh, so much worry for not much of anything. Yes, it is tense early on, but then as the plot starts moving the laughs start coming – this is a very funny movie. It is a black comedy, so what is happening is not so funny for the main character, but that’s part of the gag. It is funny – so much gets skewered – dating, the bar scene, clubs – recast as a nightmarish – but funny – decent into hell.

It would make a good opera – something along the lines of Tales of Hoffmann. I loved it. Will definitely watch it again.

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