Fiorello and the Barber of Seville

I sang the role of Fiorello plus the Officer in the Longwood Opera production of The Barber of Seville in November 2012 (how time flies). The roles were edited a bit to account for the fact that there was no chorus, and Fiorello was given the recit that is “never performed” (as notated in the Schumer edition), with the words edited to the effect that Fiorello intends to join the police force. He then came out to break up the domestic squabble in an officer’s uniform.

The very clever and funny production was extremely well received. For the final performance, we had one of the top 5 largest audiences that Longwood Opera has had in their 30+ year history. The cast was wonderful, and the stage and music directors were, as usual, great to work for. Bravo Scott and Maestro Brody.

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