Flick-ing By

Time is flick-ering by without much movie watching going on.

I was watching movies while working out on the treadmill, but with better weather I haven’t used the treadmill much. More movie-watching in my future no doubt — bad weather will return.

The only movie I can remember watching since my last post (so long ago!) was Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy — which is not a Great Movie. Well, it has a few flashes of not “great” perhaps but “pretty good”. It made me laugh at the silliness now and then. The abundance of crude language did not add anything to the movie.

I also haven’t done any theater for a while – the other subject of this blog. I got burned out last season with five back-to-back productions — and I missed pretty much the entire summer in rehearsals. This summer I’ve been out and around – keeping active. Need to keep active at my age. However, I am memorizing music for Longwood Opera’s Carmen in November: I’m part of the ensemble and playing the role of El Dancairo. I will report on this later.

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